Adapting standardized protocol for 1.5T scans

Hi @jcohenadad:

It was exciting to see last week’s summary of the Herculean amount of effort put into the standardized 3T protocol. A tremendous amount of work!

As we briefly discussed, one of my clinical colleagues has expressed concern over the quality of the spinal cord MRI scans that he reads, and is very excited about the standardized 3T protocol. Unfortunately, two-thirds of the clinical scans that he reads are acquired at 1.5T. Once the standardized 3T protocol manuscript is published, perhaps we could have an open discussion about how the parameters could be tweaked to be adapted for 1.5T scans?



Hi Rob,
Great idea! I suspect only minimum change will be necessary to go from 3T to 1.5T. It will mostly depend on the available coils and SNR requirements.