Could I apply GM segmentation methods in normal T2WI?

With sct v.4.0.0.

Hi Madam/Sir,

I am a medical student and studying for SCT now. I have read some articles about T2*WI and SCT, however, I want to do some retrospective studies, and I only have T2WI and T1WI for these patients. I have read the protocols provided on the website but it didn’t mentioned whether I could use it. I’d like to know will it be possible to distinguish GM in these patients? My email address is If you have any suggestions, please connect me.

Thanks for your work. Though this tool is hard to operate for a medical student, once I have installed and tried to run on docker, it is amazing. It can not be more useful for medical research. :slight_smile:


Hi Mavis,

If you cannot visualize the GM with your naked eyes on your T1w and T2w images, then there is little chance that GM segmentation would work reliably.