FSL-FEAT analysis: warp-files

does anyone know, how to integrate the warp-files in (FSL) FEAT-based higher-level analysis?
I converted my warp-files with sct_image […] -to-fsl […] into fsl-compatible 3D-files and checked the result with applywarp […] --abs. The result was fine.
I tried to integrate the warp-files into the FEAT-registration (changing the files in the /reg folder, running “updatefeatreg” etc) but the result is completely wrong.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix the problem?



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Hi @Hanna,

I think the issue is probably that FSL expects a relative transformation, where -to-fsl creates an absolute transformation. I think you can convert from absolute to relative by running

convertwarp --ref=<your original registration target> --warp1=<abswarp> --abs --relout --out=<relwarp>

Then try applywarp without the --abs flag to make sure it still works. Let me know if it doesn’t!