Multi-center study using spinal cord consensus protocol

Dear spinal cord MRI community,

About 3 years ago we started setting up a consensus acquisition protocol for quantitative MRI of the spinal cord. After multiple discussions, implementations and testing, we presented a first version of the protocol at this year’s ISMRM, see Alley et al.. A manuscript is in preparation (tentative submission for April 2019).

The consensus protocol is available here:

During the 2018 Spinal Cord MRI Workshop we discussed the idea that multiple centers would scan subjects using this protocol and that data would be centralized into a curated public database as a way to validate the protocol and in an attempt to create normative qMRI values.

The purpose of this thread is to follow-up on that idea. In brief, we are asking each participating center to scan 6 subjects, ideally before March 31st. Those who participate will be added as co-authors to the manuscript under preparation. More information is available in the manuscript and in the OSF wiki.

If you are interested to contribute to this database, please email me:

We hope many of you will contribute to this seminal database, which will surely be of great use to our community for many years to come.


Is the tentative deadline not April 1st for centres to collect spinal cord data?

oops! Indeed. Now corrected. Thanks!