Seeking assistance

Greetings all.

I represent a a small R&D electro-therapeutics company in Australia. We have developed an
experimental stage, non-invasive, complex electrical stimulation system
and equipment towards the regeneration of damaged spinal tracts following
SCI, with a focus though not limited to the (posteriolateral) CSTract.
We have preliminary indication of effect over time, based on minor but
significant motor improvements that would not be expected in our experimental subject approximately 7 years post C5-C6 trauma SCI.
At this stage, we would like to be able to compare two or more series
MRI studies some weeks or months apart, to attempt to further assess the effect of
our equipment and system over time. We noted: the study by Qi et al, PMID 38824252 re transverse plane SCToolbox aided assays of the CSTract; and SCT website slice by slice color identifications of the CSTract (dimensions).
Rather than a learning curve this end to get to grips with SCT, we are looking for external support, so please contact us if you have the relevant skills and expertise, and would be willing to assist for a reimbursement.

Thank you and best regards,
Richard Malter
SIS Manufacturing

Hi Richard,

I’m impressed by the innovative work your company is doing in electro-therapeutics. I have extensive experience in MRI analysis and SCToolbox, and I’d be happy to help you with comparing your MRI series and assessing the effectiveness of your equipment.

You can reach out to me on my email here