T1 Mapping: FLASH vs. GRE

Hi SCT forum,
I have a question regarding T1 mapping estimation in the context of MTsat calculation. Most papers I have come across derive T1 maps using the FLASH sequence on Siemens scanners, while the T1 map I have is derived from the MTsat calculation acquired with the gradient echo sequence on a GE scanner. Are these T1 map estimations different or specific to the vendor? Given the differences between FLASH and GRE sequences, how should the T1 map from the GRE sequence on GE be interpreted compared to the FLASH-derived T1 map on Siemens? I would appreciate any insights or references that could help clarify these points.
Thank you!

Hi @Mfauziyya,

TL;DR: yes, T1 maps can be different depending on the method / scanner / acquisition parameters. Some relevant references:


Thank you @jcohenadad, for providing the references.