Calculating cross-sectional area of the aorta with sct_process_segmentation

Hello, lets say I had a segmentation of the aorta and was interested in calculating the mean cross-sectional area, eccentricity, etc. Could I use sct_process_segmentation for this? One hiccup is that the aorta has an arch (i.e., some axial slices contain two different regions of the aorta). I assume sct can’t handle this since it wouldn’t happen in a spinal cord, but figured I would ask since in general I find this code very nice. Thanks again for such a great package and thank you very much in advance,


Hi @karl_landheer,

Great question! I think you pretty much figured it out yourself. Yes, you can use sct_process_segmentation to extract slice-wise morphometric analysis of aorta segmentation, you can even correct the morphometrics for the angle between the aorta centerline and the cross-sectional plane (so, a slight curvature is not a problem), but if the aorta does a “U turn” and you end up with two aortas on the same cross-sectional plane, then that’s a problem. Not unsolvable though. You could for example split the volume at the tip of the “U” sagittally (or coronally, depending on the orientation of the aorta), and process the two sub-volumes separately.