Can I analyze sagittally acquired data in SCT?

Hi SCT folks,

I have some thoracic fMRI data that was acquired sagittally (HASTE sequence), am I able to segment/analyze it using the Spinal Cord Toolbox software, or does it need to be acquired axially?


Hi Tiffany,
As long as the resolution is sufficient in the axial plane to be able to depict the cord with enough confidence, SCT would work. By the way: this problem is not specific to SCT, but in general any method (even manual) requires enough resolution in the axial plane for relevant cord segmentation.

Hi Julien,

Thanks for your quick reply! For future knowledge, is there a known minimum axial resolution that tends to work well most of the time?


1 mm or below, but of course the lower the more precise. So at the end it depends what is the precision you need for your study.

Okay, great, thank you!