Computing cord length in V4.0.0

Dear SCT team,

With the recent removal of -p from sct_process_segmentation, is there a simple way to measure cord length? I have obtained CSA and shape analysis values but I was also somewhat interested in variability in cord length in C1:C3. Perhaps I am simply missing something, in which case I apologize in advance.



you are right. This feature was removed after an important refactoring of sct_process_segmentation, but we can put it back. Ticket was opened here (suggestions are welcome).


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Many thanks for your response, Julien.

Yes, I thought it had probably been removed with the refactoring, but I needed confirmation that it had not been moved somewhere else.

I would indeed appreciate if it were put back in. Thanks for opening the ticket for me.


We would like to know if there has been any change with this issue!
And we don’t know whether the documentation in web is still updated.
In the sct_process_segmentation there, the -p length option is still showed which may
produce some confusion!


Thank you for the reminder @Aran. I have increased the level of priority for the ticket (–> HIGH), and I have also updated the doc on sourceforge.

@Aran I’ve implemented a fix in this PR. It would be great if you could review/test it before we merge it with the master development branch.

Hello Julien!

We have tested and it works perfectly!

thank you very much!