Deepseg_lesion not working


I’m trying to use deepseg to detect lesions on t2 MRI Scans (both spinal cord and brain scans with cervical cord portions), but I’ve tried it on 3 different Scans without success so far. The first two were a spinal and a brain scan from the same patient with one very clear lesion. Deepseg did not detect this lesion at all. The last was a spinal cord scan from a different patient. Deepseg did detect this lesion, but not fully/accurately.

Are there any options for editing images or refining the command line to improve deepseg_lesion? (For the brain scans with cervical cord portions I already used the options -centerline -CNN -brain 1).

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thank you for your feedback. could you send me those data in private and we will give it a try.


The website does not allow me to send you a personal message. Where can I send you the data?

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jcohen [at]