DTI data motion correction

Dear SCT team
I would like to ask that my DTI data only has 15 gradient images and 1 b0 image and could I do motion correction before processing the DTI data? it is possible to calculate the averaged b0 as Xu did (Xu, et al. 2013)?

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Hi Chang,

Yes, you could do motion correction on your data. However, computing an ‘averaged’ b=0 image does not make sense in your case since you only have one image to perform the average (ie: the average of one image is the image itself).


Hi Julien

Thank you very much for your reply. Could you please add more details of motion correction processing?


Hi @chang,

SCT has a tutorial for DTI motion correction that you can find here: Diffusion-weighted MRI - Spinal Cord Toolbox documentation

In particular, you will want to use the commands listed on the following pages:

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Thank you very much for your reply.Have a good day!

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