Error when running mkdir test

I have installed and uninstalled SCT for several times. After I typed mkdir test, I didn’t see new folder in C:/Users/docker_folder_shared. So I just tried to run

docker-machine stop
bash: docker-machine: command not found.

I tried to skip this step for several times, just continued to run following steps mentioned in

It worked in some way, however, the result of running

ssh -Y -p 2222 sct@
command refused

Plus, when I was running:

docker run -p 2222:22 --rm -it -v ~/docker_shared_folder://home/sct/docker_shared_folder neuropoly/sct:sct-4.0.0-official
docker: command not found.

In order to help you I will ned a bit more information. Could you please answer these questions:

  • On which OS are you installing SCT?
  • Are you running docker desktop or docker toolbox (docker quickstart terminal)?