‪Feature Request - Vertebrae level indication in QC report


I would like to ask if it would be possible to add a feature in the sct_deepseg_sc qc report to include vertebrae labeling as a parameter, then add an indication in the report to know in which spinal cord level each slice is?

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Just to make sure I’m understanding your request: How would this differ from the existing sct_label_vertebrae QC report?



This QC report can be accessed by either:

  1. Passing the -qc argument to the sct_label_vertebrae command, or
  2. Passing the -p sct_label_vertebrae argument to the sct_qc command (along with the anatomical and label images).

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Hi @joshuacwnewton

Thank you for the answer.

I meant in the qc of sct_deepseg_sc here it would be good to know if you don’t care about specific SC level to just ignore segmentation errors in this level (which happens a lot with axial images which cover only few levels).

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Ahhh, of course! The axial view, rather than the sagittal view. Thank you for clarifying. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is an existing issue in our GitHub repository for this feature request: #3218. I will add a note that you’ve requested this feature, and I will increase the priority of the issue as well.

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