Installation failed ? macbook

Hi. I’m trying to install the SCT, and installed the ver 5.4 zip file.(macbook)
line 247: /users/mil50cc/bsah_profile:permission denied

Hi @milk50cc,

Thank you for reaching out. Could you please copy/paste the entire Terminal output. It might contain useful information for us to help you.


Hi, jcohenadad

Checking OS type and version… Darwin VictordeMacBook-Pro.local 20.3.0 Darwin Kernel Version 20.3.0: Thu Jan 21 00:07:06 PST 2021; root:xnu-7195.81.3~1/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64 ProductVersion: 11.2.3 ./install_sct: line 247: /Users/milk50cc/.bash_profile: Permission denied Installation failed! Please copy the output of this Terminal (starting with the command install_sct) and upload it as a .txt attachment in a new topic on SCT’s forum: -->

Milk50cc thanks.

Hi @milk50cc,

I was able to identify the source of the error: for some reasons, your ~/.bash_profile has no read permissions. See full investigations in this ticket.

As a first attempt to solve your issue, could you please run the following:

chmod 777 ~/.bash_profile

And then re-run SCT installer?