Issue to install SCT with Docker on Mac

Dear @joshuacwnewton,

I’m following your valuable recommendations to install SCT with Docker.
When I run ./install_sct -y in my terminal, the installation fails as shown in the screen below :

I also give you my terminal saved output file if you need further details :
Install_with_Docker_SCT (53.8 KB)

Thank you ! :smiling_face:

Best wishes

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Ah! Thank you so much for reporting this issue. :heart:

I believe this issue comes from the difference between Intel Macs and ARM (M1, M2, etc.) Macs. I realize now that our instructions are not written with M1+ Macs in mind, and my guess is that you probably have an M1 Mac?

To fix this, I believe you just need to make a single change to one of the commands from the instructions:

# before
docker run -it ubuntu:22.04

# after
docker run -it --platform=linux/amd64 ubuntu:22.04

(Source for this fix: docker - qemu-x86_64: Could not open '/lib64/': No such file or directory - Stack Overflow)

If this fixes your problem, then I will amend our instructions to include this small change. :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

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Yes you’re right, I’ve a M1 Mac.

Many thanks for your help. I’ve just tried to run the instructions with this new command and now it works perfectly ! Thank you so much for solving my issue. :smiley:

Best wishes,

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Hello @joshuacwnewton :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m also achieving instructions of the optional part (Enable GUI Scripts) and I guess I need to make a change on the both following commands too ? Or not at all ?

docker commit <CONTAINER_ID> <IMAGE_NAME>/ubuntu:ubuntu22.04

docker run -e DISPLAY=host.docker.internal:0 -it <IMAGE_NAME>/ubuntu:ubuntu22.04

Have a nice day !

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Ahh, very good observation! You will need to use “--platform=linux/amd64” for any of the “docker run” commands, but you do not need to use it for the “docker commit” command that you’ve highlighted.

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Okay, thanks a lot !

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