Looking for actual implementation for deep learning models for spinal cord classification

I am interested in tools that is related to spine and can facilitate transfer learning or fine-tuning.
Could you please share me about actual architectures or models on spine that can be used for transfer learning and fine-tuning.
I have looked a lot of related papers demonstrating successful development of DL models for the spinal cord classification but cannot find Github repository includes actual implementations of model used in their research. (I could only find “spineNet”.)

I would appreciate if you could give me your advice.

Hi @Yuexiang_Ji,

You could look at the various deep learning papers published by my group (list of publications). In general we release the model and the code used to generate the model.

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Dear @jcohenadad,

Thank you for your answer.
I greatly appreciate your suggestion to explore research conducted by your team.
Furthermore, it’s very helpful that your team shares both the model and code associated with your work.