➤ New release: SCT v5.1.0 🎉

Hello, Spinal Cord Toolboxers!
I’ve joined the project to help with some public communications tasks.
A few days ago, @joshuacwnewton released SCT v5.1.0. Thought you could silently release some nice software on a Saturday afternoon just before tea time, without us noticing? No sir!

Functionality changes for this release include:

  • An improved GUI for manual cord centerline labeling.
  • Added support for multiclass and multichannel models in sct_deepseg.
  • Added support for custom models in sct_deepseg.
  • Re-added the sct_concat_transfo command.
  • New default values for sct_register_multimodal to improve reproducibility.
  • Removed -denoise argument for sct_label_vertebrae.

This also includes three new features from 5.0.1:

  • sct_run_batch now handles the case of unexecutable scripts.
  • sct_label_utils now emits a message to let you know about the resulting generated files.
  • When scripts are called from the commandline, they will now display which command (and parameters) called them.


  • We have now created a Twitter account for SCT, as well as various accounts for our lab’s other major open-source software projects.
  • At least 18 bugs have been fixed since SCT 5.0!

You can check out the change log for a more detailed list of changes, including link to the related pull requests.

If you’d like to try out the new version, check out the installation instructions. If you have any questions or feature requests, feel free to post in this forum.