➤ New release: SCT v5.5

Dear SCT users,

We are happy to announce the release of SCT v5.5. :tada:

The most notable changes for this release include:

  • Adding new sct_deepseg models for MP2RAGE spinal cord and MS lesion segmentation. View pull request
  • Adding a new sct_deepseg model for 7T spinal cord/gray matter multiclass segmentation. View pull request
  • Adding a new Patch2Self CLI script for dMRI denoising. View pull request
  • Bringing back the previously-removed sct_testing command as a light wrapper for pytest. View pull request

For the full list of changes included in this release, click here.

For installation instructions, click here.

If you have any questions or feature requests, please post in this forum.

Happy processing!

The Spinal Cord Toolbox Team

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