📣 New release: SCT v6.1

Dear SCT users,

We are happy to announce the release of SCT v6.1. :tada:

The most notable changes for this minor release include:

  • Feature: Update PAM50 template link to include cord and lumbar label changes. View pull request
  • Feature: Add function to output the axial damage ratio for sct_analyze_lesion. View pull request
  • Documentation: Add tutorial for sct_compute_compression View pull request
  • Documentation: Add tutorial for lumbar segmentation and registration. View pull request
  • Documentation: Update Docker installation instructions for Linux/macOS/Windows. View pull request
  • Maintenance: Remove -s functionality from sct_warp_template and add a deprecation warning. View pull request
  • Bugfix: Fix distorted registration due to straightening bug in get_closest_to_absolute. View pull request
  • Bugfix Use pandas for .csv saving in sct_compute_compression to correctly merge existing output metric columns. View pull request

For the full list of changes included in this release, click here.

For installation instructions, click here.

If you have any questions or feature requests, please post in this forum.

Happy processing!

The Spinal Cord Toolbox Team