"Operation timed out" during installation of SCT v6.0 on macOS

install_sct_log.txt (918 Bytes)

Hi @yiyangyang

The install log contains the following error message:

error: RPC failed; curl 28 Recv failure: Operation timed out
fatal: expected flush after ref listing

So, it appears that there may be an issue with your internet connection that is causing the failure of the git clone step of install_sct.

There are many possible causes for this issue (VPN, region blocking, slow connection). But, the simplest way to get around this issue is to just download the source code manually:

  1. Download “Source Code (.zip)” from the 6.0 Release Page.
  2. Extract the .zip to “/Users/yiyangyang/sct_6.0” (or wherever you like)
  3. Open the extracted folder in a terminal window, then run “bash install_sct”. It will install SCT v6.0 for you using the files you have already downloaded.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. :slightly_smiling_face:

Kind regards,

As @yiyangyang has posted another question on the forum, I assume that they were able to get SCT installed correctly. So, I am marking this as resolved.