Output of QC results

I have got a simple question. Here is an example of DKI metric extraction result. I am wandering if the slices (I -->S) numbers correspond to the selected vertebral lavels (in this case 1-3) per each subject, and that is why number of selected slices change for each patient. And these slices are numbered in qc output like the one in the screenshot from left to right, are they?

Filename,Slice (I->S),VertLevel,Label,Size [vox],WA(),STD()
AK.nii.gz, 6:10,1:3,white matter,170.41269625374196,0.6632180690372826,0.24065659834492453

Hi Rosella
Absolutely, this is indeed the case

Ok thank you. So, if I want to assess segmentation results can I just focus on the slices corresponding to the desired vertebral labels? E.g. for this subject, segmentation is fine for
slices 6-15 . However, vertebral levers 1:3 correspond to slices 5-8 for this subject. How can I deal with the 5th slice where there is no spinal cord segmented?

Filename,Slice (I->S),VertLevel,Label,Size [vox],WA(),STD()
RK.nii.gz,5:8,1:3,white matter,134.5579539818085,0.6897320058214476,0.7021144071214082

yes, you can