Post Hoc Individual Spinal cord tracts analysis

Hi everyone,

I am a part of a research team analyzing the correlation between MTR and functional impairment in patients with cervical myelopathy. We had a batch program made with the spinal cord toolbox team that converted NIFTi files into MTR data and used the PAM50 template to semi-automate spinal cord mapping. The original mapping focused on analyzing the whole spinal cord and broke it down by vertebral level. We have finished recruitment and data acquisition and were wondering if it would be possible to add analysis of the individual spinal tract, post hoc, to this program. It seems feasible to use the white and gray matter atlas from PAM50 but we are unsure how to properly edit the batch program repository and do not want to break the program.

Note: My deepest apologies for the late response. (The forum’s email notification system has been down, and so we missed your post. The notification system has since been fixed, and we are catching up on missed replies.)

Hi @lmclear,

Do you have a copy of the previous batch script that you can share? Then, from there, we would be happy to advise you on how you can update the script.

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