Small picture in Quality Control (QC) report for axial images


When I use sct_label_vertebrae with -qc to generate a qc report on axial (slice thickness of 3mm) MRI the image in the qc report looks very small:

This is the code I used to generate the qc (SCT 5.7):

sct_label_vertebrae -i sub-106006_ses-20121002_t2_ax_cervical.nii.gz -s sub-106006_ses-20121002_t2_ax_cervical_seg.nii.gz -discfile sub-106006_ses-20121002_t2_ax_cervical_discfile.nii.gz -c t2 -qc /media/polo/b812c662-7597-4de3-8102-8cefc43dc115/polo/spine_poly/run_normal/output/qc_seg_all -qc-dataset manual_discfile

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Dear @juda,

This issue has been previously reported in Issue #3055, and was fixed by PR #3889.

You can access the improved QC reporting by installing SCT for development (i.e. by downloading the source code of the main branch of SCT, then installing from there).

The fix will also be included in the upcoming v5.8 of SCT.

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