T2_space Calculation

Hello Julien,

Currently I have been extracting total CSA from the t2_space (t2) and the gray and white matter from the t2_me2d (t2s). Is it possible to extract the gray and white matter from the t2_space (t2)?

I personally do not think this is possible due to other conversations I have had with you and you replying that if you can’t see the butterfly pattern than the computer program can’t either. But I wasn’t sure if there were any scripts or codes to obtain this information.

Thank you,

no, there is not enough white/gray matter contrast. It is not a matter of having software/code, it is a matter of seeing the information in the data.

if easier for you, you could also compute cord CSA on the t2_me2d only.

Okay that makes sense.

I will try obtaining the cord CSA from the t2_me2d.