Thoracic Spine Processing


I’m attaching 2 MT images (MT1 and MT0) to help determine if these images are good enough to be able to process and obtain the MTR. If so is can I get feedback to help with this process?
mt0.nii.gz (1.3 MB) mt1.nii.gz (1.2 MB)

Thank you for your help,


Hi Sarah,

Yes, the images seem of good quality, however, as you know there is no “absolute” answer. Data quality parameters includes noise, artifact, spatial resolution, etc. and each of this parameter need to be considered with respect to your research hypotheses (e.g. size of your sub-structure of interest, number of voxels you will average, expected effect size, etc.).

A good starting point to process MTR data can be seen in the “MT” section of the script. You will obviously need to adapt the code depending on what you would like to achieve.