Windows SCT v6.1 installation error: "git not found" even though git is installed

Hello, I am a new user of Spinal Cord Toolbox (SCT) and I need some help with installing it on Windows 10. I followed the instructions from the SCT documentation and downloaded the SCT installer from GitHub. However, when I ran the installer, I got the following error message:

### git not found. Make sure that git is installed (and a fresh Command Prompt window has been opened) before running the SCT installer.

Installation failed with error code 1.
Please copy and paste the installation log in a new topic on SCT's forum:

Hi @Pouria1992,

Have you installed the “Git for Windows” prerequisite?

From the SCT documentation:

  • After the [Git for Windows] installation has finished, open your Start Menu and type Command Prompt, then run it. In the Command Prompt window, type git --version and press enter.

(Make sure that you see the text git version <number> before continuing to the SCT installation script.)

Kind regards,

Hi Joshua
Thank you for responding. Yes, I have installed Git for Windows, but I still received the same error message when I tried running the SCT installer again

Hi @Pouria1992,

That is very strange!

Could you please try running the installer via your Command Prompt?

  1. Open the Command Prompt window.
  2. Navigate to the folder where the install script was downloaded to using the “change directory” command (cd)
  3. Run the script using the command ./install_sct-6.1_win.bat

For example:

C:\Users\Asus> git --version
git version
C:\Users\Asus> cd Downloads
C:\Users\Asus\Downloads> ./install_sct-6.1_win.bat

Kind regards,

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Hi Joshua
I did what you said and the problem got fixed. Thanks for helping me.

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And thank you for reporting this issue!

I will make sure to update our documentation to avoid this issue in the future. :slight_smile: