Are there any ways to extract features (area and volume etc.) as values or tables

We found the output data such as .nii.gz images with segmentation, but we couldn`t find any numeric data such as the volume or area of the segmented region.

Is there a method to extract features such as area and volume as numerical values or tables using SCT?"

Hi @Yuexiang_Ji,

My apologies for the late reply.

Yes, there is!

  • Segmentation + slicewise morphometrics (e.g. CSA): sct_process_segmentation. (Tutorial here.)
  • Segmentation + volumetrics: sct_anaylze_lesion
    • Even though this tool was originally designed for computing the volume of spinal cord lesions, you can still use it on other segmentations (such as the spinal cord).
    • For more details on how to use the script in this way, please refer to this past forum post.

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