SCT Installation failed on Mac M1

Failed installation.

Attached is the log file containing the details install_sct_log.txt (117.3 KB)

Thank you for reporting this!

It’s a bit odd that the installer gave a permission denied error. The file ~/.zshrc should be editable in theory, as it is meant to be a place for you to modify the configuration for your zsh terminal.

Could you please double-check the permissions of this file by running the following command?

ls -l $HOME/.zshrc

You should see something similar to:

-rw-r--r-- 1 en_tetteh en_tetteh 6987 Jan 24 12:42 /Users/en_tetteh/.zshrc

Specifically, the first three characters should be -rw. If they aren’t, could you please try running the following command to update the user permissions for this file?

chmod +rw $HOME/.zshrc

Then, verify that the changes took effect by running this command again:

ls -l $HOME/.zshrc

Then, re-run the SCT installer as usual.

Kind regards,

So, the issue was that I wasn’t the admin/root of my own laptop for some reason, after looking at the .zshrc file. But, I have been able to install it successfully after changing the admin. Thanks, Joshua.

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